I grew up on an island without electricity and then moved to Los Angeles, San Francisco and eventually to London (via New Zealand). Although I long for minimal country life, my career and love keep me in the city.

My childhood was spent surrounded by wide open spaces, the sea, the woods. No neighbors in sight. As a teenager I moved to a small-town to help out my grandmother in rural California. It was here that I realised I needed to live in a city. Without a city base, I wasn’t going to go to university or find my dream job. So I moved to Los Angeles.

It was difficult to adapt to small-town life and my only respite was a muddy river trail, which I had to share with others to my disappointment. When I moved to LA I was close to the sea again, but just travelling the little distance could make it into a full-day affair. Since then, I have moved to many cities, including San Francisco, Sacramento, and Wellington, New Zealand, in order to find the right city for a country feel. This is my story about how to adapt to city life and achieve all your goals and aspirations without having to move back to the country.


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