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Tour du Mont Blanc: my gear list

Day 1


My gear list: very comfortable (comfort over weight!), for sleeping and being fed in huts


  •  Zamberlain gore-tex boots (most people were wearing trail shoes and next time I’ll do the same unless it is cold, ie, snowy spring or late-autumn). I’d also pack flip flops as not all huts had crocs and it was a bit embarrassing being barefoot in the village restaurants.
  • Patagonia down jacket (in its stuff sack), next time I would take a light fleece instead as the huts were warm.
  • eVent rain jacket (waterproof, but my lightest one)
  • Marmot waterproof pants (I almost brought my water resistant pair, but was glad for these!)
  • North Face zip-off pants (too heavy and I’ll leave behind next time and bring a second pair of shorts and long tights)
  • Running shorts
  • Base layer bottom (REI mid-weight)
  • Long-sleeve base layer top (REI mid-weight)
  • Synthetic t-shirts (two, but wish I had three as I used one exclusively for hut wear and had to wash my hiking one most days and put it on wet in the morning)
  • Synthetic sleeveless running top
  • Wool sleeveless base layer (sleeping/hut wear)
  • Socks x 4 (one light liner pair for wearing in the huts, three mid-weight hiking socks, eg, smart wool)
  • Beanie
  • Cap (running) with good brim
  • Gloves (light pair, but I used them a few times and was glad to have them with me)
  • Sports bras (2)
  • Underwear (4)


  • 40L pack: much too big. Next time will go with a 30L, which is what my partner used
  • Dry bags x 3: used to sort my clothing, gear and food. Particularly useful for rainy days as I didn’t have to empty all the pack’s internal pockets as they were already sorted in weather proof bags
  • Sleeping bag liner (poly cotton, didn’t miss not splurging on the silk at all): the dorms were mostly very warm so pure cotton may have been slightly better as more breathable.
  • Head lamp with extra batteries
  • GPS with extra batteries (used the GPS in the mist, but mostly didn’t really need it as the track was well sign-posted).
  • Map (very useful back-up and fun for reading at night and planning. It also shows the variants, which may not be on your GPS map)
  • Emergency blanket and first aid kit
  • Ear plugs (absolutely essential for dorm rooms. There were a tonne of chainsaw snorers!)
  • Blister pack (if you are hiking in boots, pack a few of these. Trail shoes are less likely to cause blisters.)
  • Sunscreen (50ml bottle was not enough and had to buy more en route)
  • Chapstick with SPF
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Disinfectant wipes (not used)
  • Moisturiser (face)
  • Shampoo (100ml bottle lasted the whole trip)
  • Kindle with two books pre-loaded, but I wish I’d brought three (some huts had WiFi but the connection was often too poor to add books).
  • Nalgene 1L water bottle (wish I’d brought my camelbak instead so I didn’t have to pause for a drink so much)
  • Granola bars, chocolate covered pretzels, candy, mule bars (bring your favourites as you may not find them en route, the huts mostly only stocked bars of chocolate, which is not my favourite hiking fuel. The larger villages have supermarkets where you can restock).
  • Empty plastic bags (for rubbish and wet/dirty clothes).

It probably all-together weighed about 8kgs including the pack (but excluding the boots).



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