An autumn weekend: food and more food

With the threat of the first storm of the season approaching, I spent the weekend running from one hearty meal to another hoping to avoid the impending chill.

On Saturday afternoon, there was a ride to Leila’s Cafe in the rain. With a quick stop to appreciate the colours at Arnold Circus in Shoreditch. Also discovered a ping pong table in the rotunda there — note for next summer picnic.




The evening was spent in a pub under London Bridge with thick ancient walls lit by candles. The Mughouse has a delicious cheese menu and yummy burgers and other filling fare. Wine was lovely and an okay beer menu too. Not quite as crafty-focussed as they suggest though. But good if you’re with lager lovers.



Sunday we had friends over and experimented with a new Indian curry cookbook. Baked beef curry and apple tart. It was a lot of food. Then an evening of work before flying to Dubai in the morning.

Luckily I managed some outdoor time on Friday after work. Amazing landscapes at the moment too. Look at all those leaves!




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