Peacoat: a new twist for autumn

Now that autumn is just around the corner, I’m beginning to think about what I will need to update my wardrobe. In London, autumn is a lot cooler than I’m used to (in fact, it is colder than most winters I’m used to). Therefore, the right coat is essential.

I think the perfect autumn coat is a peacoat. Its short length provides just enough warmth, while making it easy to carry around when the sun decides to shine. Mine is a charcoal wool with grey-ish buttons and I have had it for years. If you don’t have one already, it is definitely worth investing in a good quality peacoat. It will be your go-to coat across the seasons. It has travelled with me between the country and the city and works well anywhere.

Last season I lost a button and have decided it is the perfect opportunity to update the buttons. I’m a bit tired of the grey buttons on grey. It is also a really simple way to change the look of your coat and make it exciting to wear again. There are so many options too: brass buttons (very traditional), silver buttons, wood buttons, coloured buttons, mis-matched buttons. This weekend, I’m going to Our Patterned Hand in Broadway Market, whose windows are full of button jars, for some inspiration.

Via Lucky Magazine, July 2013




Via Etsy


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