Best outdoor hobby for urban dwellers: backpacking

Backpacking is the perfect outdoor hobby for those who live in the city. It whisks you into the middle of nowhere for days at a time, where you can completely get away from city lights and noise. You can even escape from other people, just carry a tent.

A reasonable degree of fitness is all that is required and the ability to read a map (or just carry a GPS, if you can’t!). This makes it easy for city living as you don’t need access to certain types of terrain or big open spaces like you do for mountain biking, for instance.

Here are some pictures from some of my favourite trips in New Zealand.

P1020003 P1010544 P1010506 P1010537 P1010601 P1020361 P1020373

Another great things is that all the gear you need for backpacking fits into a single backpack. Very easy to store in small urban spaces. Both of my backpacks (one for weekend trips and the other for multi-day treks) live under the bed and all my other related gear like stove, pots, headlamp, waterproof pants and other clothing I wouldn’t wear are stored inside the packs. My sleeping bag lives separately so it can breathe though, but that also fits under the bed.

DSCF6757 IMG_2018 IMG_2048


3 thoughts on “Best outdoor hobby for urban dwellers: backpacking

  1. Wow, New Zealand is beautiful!

    Yeah, backpacking is a great way to get away from it all, to find some solitude, take in natural grandeur, and to spend time in the mountains. Really, what’s not to love?

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