Backyard camping: new gear!

In anticipation of my trip to the French Alps next month, I purchased a few new pieces of gear that didn’t make the move from New Zealand to London. Today I bought a new self-inflating sleeping mat (once you’ve tried inflatable, you’ll never go back to foam!) and new cookware. Instead of the NeoAir xLite mat, which I have wanted since it first came out, I bought a budget mat at less than half the cost, but it weighs the same. It is probably not as comfortable and isn’t as packable, but at least if it breaks, it is an excuse to finally go for the NeoAir mat.

After many backpacking trips with MSR pots, I decided to give Primus’ LiTech pot (with lid that doubles as a super small frying pan — what you would fry in it I’m not so sure). I loved MSR’s pots, but the non-stick coating came off quite easily. Hopefully Primus pots last a bit longer!

As this weekend is RSPB’s Big Wild Sleepout, it is a good opportunity to test my new gear. Although, I don’t have a backyard, certain family members do and I will be taking over for the weekend. It is also a great time to escape the city and have a bbq and smores while sleeping under the stars.


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