Open shelving in the kitchen?

There are lots of good things about open shelving. In fact, many of the negatives associated with open shelving, particularly in the kitchen, I view as positives. It makes you think about what you buy as you can no longer hide those hideous coffee mugs behind doors. Having everything in view also makes you clean and organise your shelves more often. And, it is easier to see what you are not using and therefore, needs recycling. This is great for minimalist living, of which I am a huge fan.

Additionally, everything has easier access. Your plates are within arms’ reach. You can easily see where everything is, which allows for seamless movements while cooking. Open shelves also make your kitchen homely and lived-in, like an old-fashioned country kitchen that is the heart of the house.

One of the best benefits is the reduced cost. If you’re remodeling ancient cabinets or designing from scratch, you will know the expense of this. Putting in open shelves is quick and inexpensive and adds detailed interest to your kitchen. And you can DIY it.

I really like this kitchen because it doesn’t just look like a display counter. There isn’t a single token vase and serving bowl equally spaced apart. There are cups, plates, fruit, pictures and storage on the top for extras. I immediately feel at home, also the Kitchen-Aid mixer helps. That green is such a nice colour.

The hanging pots are a nice feature in this kitchen, as are the rustic wooden counter tops, which look moveable. The width of the countertop is perfect for extra storage space while still having enough room to roll-out pizza dough.

It still looks nice even if you only remove the kitchen cabinet doors.


4 thoughts on “Open shelving in the kitchen?

  1. mzkynd says:

    Me and the hubz have been going round and round over open shelving, I am all for it, especially in the kitchen, he swears it will drive me crazy. things are gonna get mighty interesting in a couple of years when we start the kitchen redo 😛

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