Summer bbq: how to have your own

I live in a building without any common outdoor space, not even a patio. This makes having a bbq somewhat tricky. Recently, I have discovered disposable and portable bbqs. Essentially a tin tray filled with charcoal that sits on a wire rack. If you wander through Victoria Park on a warm evening, it is filled with people using these.

However, the disposable bbqs are not ideal. Yes, they’re cheap and conveniently sold everywhere. But, they’re slow to heat-up and take a long time to actually cook something through. It also just feels wasteful and slightly dangerous, as they sit very close to the grass. Given that I plan on doing a lot of barbecuing during the long and warm summer evenings, I am thinking of investing in a high quality portable barbecue.

I have my eye on this Lodge cast iron Hibachi grill. Although it maybe quite heavy to carry on my bike.

Other portable barbecues I’m considering:

Smokey Joe by Weber.

Bodum Fyrkat with charcoal or gas.


2 thoughts on “Summer bbq: how to have your own

  1. Ben says:

    You should defo get the smokey joe. I have one and it is great. It’s highly portable, is great for cooking and once you’re done you can pop the lid on, shut the vents and it goes out and cools down really quickly. This is really important if you need to carry it around or store it indoors! Also it saves in charcoal as you only burn what you need and you can often start the next cooking session by just topping up the left over coals!

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