Choosing the perfect bike, if you can only have one

Bikes are the perfect way to commute in the city. They restore your independence and get you outside. If you are into many different bicycle activities — touring, commuting, and mountain biking — it can be difficult to fit a bike for each into your city space. Therefore, choosing the right bike is key to continuing to be able to do all your fun bike-related activities.

I have an old steel touring bike from the 1960s that has been converted to a single speed. It is comfortable and great for commuting, but it isn’t practical for multi-purposes and it is my only bike. Longer rides, particularly any with hills, aren’t really doable on it. It is currently being repaired after a delivery-van driver ran straight into it (I’m fine!), and I am thinking of potentially selling it after it is fixed to finance the one bike I really want. A Surly Troll. The Troll is a rigid steel touring mountain bike, which can also handle fat road tyres. Perfect for nearly all conditions, except uber rocky downhill stuff — but that isn’t for me anyways. And it comes in bright orange, my favourite colour. Ah, it’s meant to be.


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