The two best scenic cafes in East London

The two best scenic cafes in East London, each with amazing food and coffee, are both on the water and easy to go to. If you need somewhere peaceful to sit and regenerate for weekend brunch, I highly recommend both of these places.

#1: The Pavilion Cafe, Victoria Park

Coffee enthusiasts with a variety of roasts to choose from, amazing baking selection (including whole bread loaves to buy), and delicious cooked breakfasts. Light and airy indoor space overlooking one of Victoria Park’s ponds. Outdoor seating even closer to the water is great for summer, but I come here year-round. Mile-end tube station is an easy walk away or come along the canals on your bike from Haggerston Overground Station.

The pavillion-cafe, London (image by matt bramford)

#2: Tow Path Cafe, Hackney

This cafe is conveniently located on the scenic stretch of Regent’s Canal between Angel and Kingsland Road. It is best during the warmer months (no fully-indoor seating), but also recommended for a hot coffee on a crisp winter’s walk. Great seating canal-side and fantastic people-watching.  Also nice on sunny evenings for a glass of wine.

Towpath Cafe, London



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