Rustic cookware alternative to Le Creuset

I grew up with a selection of copper and cast iron pots and pans, as you would expect in a country kitchen. My current furnished London flat has an assortment of IKEA and Sainsbury’s cookware, which are almost painful to use. As a result, I am in the market for some new cookware and am looking at returning to the rustic stuff my mom loves so dearly.

Copper is beautiful, but my budget can’t stretch for it. Luckily, cast iron is relatively inexpensive and improves with age. You don’t need to spend much to have excellent heat distribution and retention, and it looks amazing. It also can be used on any type of stove and oven.

I am very tempted to try Lodge’s cookware. It is a highly liked brand that has been around for generations. A five piece starter set is around £80 from Williams Sonoma with flat-rate shipping from the US; much less expensive than buying on Amazon UK. It isn’t worth buying Le Creuset’s cast-iron, as the quality of cast-iron tops out at a much lower price range. However, Le Creuset’s ceramic collection would be nice one day.





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