The beginning

Orcas Island, Washington. Photograph by-Kirk-Mastin-for-Global-Yodel

My second childhood home, Mangonui, New Zealand









My childhood was spent surrounded by wide open spaces, the sea, the woods. No neighbours in site. It was idyllic bliss. As a teenager I moved to a small-town to help out my grandmother in rural California. It was here that I realised I needed to live in a city. Without a city base, I wasn’t going to go to university or find my dream job. So I moved to Los Angeles.

It was difficult to adapt to small-town life and my only respite was a muddy river trail, which I had to share with others to my disappointment. When I moved to LA I was close to the sea again, but just travelling the little distance could make it into a full-day affair.

Since then, I have moved to many cities, including San Francisco, Sacramento, and Wellington, New Zealand, in order to find the right city for a country feel. This is my story about how to adapt to city life and achieve all your goals and aspirations without having to move back to the country.


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